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Talking Point – Hot Trends for Websites in 2022/23

Common themes for website trends from this year to next...

Talking Point – Website Audits

When did you last take a look at your website?

Refreshing Your Website – saving time and money

The average life span of a website is around three years at the moment – mainly driven by technology changes and design trends. 

The Fluidity of Web Design

Web design is a fluid and complex environment. Knowing what's trendy and when to use a particular trend can make or break a website.

How frequently should you revamp your website?

To avoid the often debilitating situation of needing to rebuild your entire website from scratch because it’s so dated, you should periodically review, update and add to your existing online presence. The question is - how often do you need to do this?

Two major reasons to renovate your website - and when you should do it

To avoid the need to rebuild your entire website from scratch because it’s out-dated, you should periodically review your online presence and undertake more minor web projects accordingly

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

As of the 21st April 2015 Google will rank mobile device friendly websites with a much higher priority in its mobile search results. 

Redesigning Your Website

Deciding to undertake a significant website overhaul is no minor task. It’s not a task that should be jumped into without significant research and planning. This blog outlines the basic questions that you should ask of your website.

Different Types of Website Design

You may often hear designers and tech heads throwing around terms such as responsive, liquid or fixed design. ''What does it all mean and why is it going to cost my business more money?'' you ask.

Building an E-Commerce Website

Building an online store can be confusing for a company and buying off an online store can be frustrating for a customer. Small changes can be made to a website's design and structure to help build a customer's confidence in the site they are purchasing from.

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