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Redesigning Your Website

Websites, like most things, have a life span, usually lasting around three years before they need to be reviewed for a possible (and sometimes significant) overhaul. It’s not a task that should be taken lightly without significant research and planning. This blog outlines the basic questions that you should ask of your website.

What are the obvious problems with your website’s functionality?

These will be glaring problems that you are already aware of because you’ve experienced them yourself when testing or using your site. Problems could include members/clients being unable to log in, news banners not updating or the site’s search function not returning appropriate search results.

What are your customers’ common problems with your website?

Actively seeking and listening to your customers’ feedback is the best way to identify the issues with your website. If the same criticisms are arising across a range of users/visitors, there are clearly problems with your website. These insights provide the best information for you on redesigning your website.

Does your website reflect your company and its offerings?

Companies evolve over time and their websites need to mirror these changes. A website that isn’t updated frequently (or regularly/often) reflects poorly on your business, and as it is most likely the primary contact point between your business and a potential customer, you cannot afford to have a website that portrays your business in a negative light.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Without a ‘mobile friendly’ website, your business’s website may be doing more harm than good for your business. Device-friendly websites are of high importance to your business as consumers are increasingly using their smart devices to search for information in their purchase decisions. Upgrading your existing website to a device-friendly website is also a good time to review your current desktop website which may also require a refresh. Check out our blog on device-friendly websites for more information).


Redesigning a website is no small task and it involves a lot of consideration to meet the needs of your target audience. Keep in mind that a website redesign with your existing service provider is more cost effective and easier than redesigning your site with a new provider. Also be careful with your redesign. A radical redesign may cause problems with your target audience due to them not being familiar with how to use your website. And remember, websites need to have intuitive navigation.

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