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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

In 2015 Google started ranking mobile device friendly websites with a much higher priority in its mobile search results. For websites that have not been upgraded to a mobile-friendly format (and yes, there are still some dinosaurs out there) this means they have been relegated to the bottom of the google ranking system, or even dropped totally from Google searches undertaken on mobile devices. 


How does Google’s ranking standard affect your website?

The mobile-friendly algorithm significantly affects worldwide mobile search results in all languages - the essential aim of this development has been to deliver primarily mobile-friendly sites in searches from mobile devices.  This means that mobile-friendly sites are favoured in searches, due to the understanding that a large portion of internet traffic occurs via mobile devices.  This ongoing lean toward favouring mobile-friendly websites is further evident in Google’s campaign for mobile optimisation.

This means that if your site is not mobile-friendly it will be penalised and appear much lower within mobile search results. In other words, online audiences will have less of a chance to find you and the services you offer.

Don’t worry, we can help!

All websites built by Expert have been built as mobile-friendly for some years now, however we can create a mobile-friendly interface for the few existing (geriatric) websites that are not yet mobile-friendly. This seamless conversion means that you can continue using your original website on a mobile device in an optimised and professional manner (without needing to do separate website updates in the future!).  

If your organisation’s website hasn’t already been updated with a mobile friendly version then feel free to contact us and we'll move you on from Jurassic Park.

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