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How to write superb website content

We always take on information better when it’s communicated to us concisely and clearly. The same can be said with your website’s content. Read our tips on creating a  coherent website.

WEBSITE CLEAN UP: 5 questions to ask yourself when reviewing your website

Reflecting on ourselves and the year behind us is an age old New Year habit.  It’s great – you get to think about how you’ve grown, how the world around you has changed, and then you get to come up with goals (resolutions) to guide you through the year ahead. That same reflection process should be applied to your website too.

4 reasons to Include testimonials on your website

Sharing client testimonials has become a standard feature for many business websites, and serves as one of the most useful ways to gain new interest in your products and services. So, why does user opinion matter SO much?

5 Ways to Make Your Website’s Content Digestible to Any Reader

We always take on information better when it’s communicated to us concisely and clearly- that includes anything from the latest news stories, to meetings with the boss. The same can be said with your website’s content.

The Power of Words

When writing content for an email, a social media post or a website, marketers often use words synonymously. For example the phrases “join up” and “sign up” essentially serve the same purpose: click here to provide us with your email address. Ultimately these words have a relatively synonymous meaning but they will differ in the way that they impact each reader.

Blog Writing Tips

The hardest thing about maintaining your company's blog is content creation and keeping your readers interested. Here are a few things to consider when developing your blog.

Starting a Blog

Companies often approach blog writing without planning the frequency of publishing blogs and topics to blog about. An effectively thought-over blog strategy will make a huge difference to your blog's effectiveness.

Content is King of the Web

Content is King. Coined by Bill Gates in the mid 90's, it is a more accurate and relevant statement in today's online world than ever before.

Web Design Vs SEO

Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation are often at heads. While SEO aims to bring visitors in through search engines, high impact and efficient Web design is what keeps them coming back. How are these two factors best balanced for your online business?

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