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Sam Wilson

Web Designer

Sam grew up in Auckland but has recently relocated to Wellington. She has a bachelor of design from Auckland University of Technology and started designing long before that.

She has been a designer for a number of years now, working previously as a print designer and then retraining as a web designer and has a particular interest in layout, typography and imagery across a range of mediums.

In her free time she hikes around the city and teaches herself new skills (currently: crochet, photography and hand lettering).

Sam, what’s your favourite website?
Unsplash. I like any website that has free-to-use resources, and they have a great range of images that fit into so many projects – plus a great Chrome extension that makes any new tab open on a random photo.

Favourite smartphone app?
Twitter or Instagram, probably. I’m not much of a poster but I like keeping up with everyone else, and what’s happening in the news.

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