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Expert designed WellElder’s original website in 2013 and it served them well for nearly 10 years.

When the time came for a new site, WellElder asked Expert about the options available – a reskin or a redesign – and a reskin was chosen as it was the least disruptive, it meant less input and less testing by WellElder staff, and it was the most affordable option. 

During the reskin process WellElder’s existing website remained in use, which meant there was less time pressure on WellElder to complete their content changes.

WellElder provides a specialist community-driven counselling service for older people and their website needed to be easily accessible to older people who might have different needs from others in the community.

Our Solution: Expert worked closely with the WellElder team to ensure these special requirements were addressed from the start.  While a fresh new-look website was wanted, it also needed to provide the functionality current visitors were used to.  Improvements included larger font being used and their main phone number was placed at the top of the site.

Expert’s Added Value: There had been a considerable number of changes to staff and stakeholders over the years, so the photos were well out of date.  Given the nature of the organisation, it wasn’t possible to have everyone at the same place at the same time to be photographed.  Fortunately, Expert was on hand to travel to several locations over several weeks to take high quality, professional photos of all the key people to ensure visual consistency.

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