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Marico Marine is a leading international marine consultancy company that provides an extensive range of applications and services pertaining to port management, safety and regulation.  The company is well-established and has a global clientele.

A growing concern for Marico Marine was that their website, which was built some years ago, no longer matched the company’s identity and image, nor that it clearly reflected that they are a one-stop-shop for industry products and services.

They came to Expert wanting a new website that not only portrays their identity as a leading international marine consultancy company, but also showcases their ‘Hazman’ application and other products they distribute.  With staff in New Zealand and the UK, it also had to be easy to use by people with a range of skill levels who were operating in different time zones.

Our Solution: Expert provided a new MoST CMS website that provides easy internal management and maintenance of the site, and fast load time, regardless of the user’s location.  Marico staff in both NZ and the UK have quickly picked up the reins and have been updating their site from inception.

Expert’s Added Value: Before embarking on the final website build, we created a demonstration site for staff in both countries to try out and test the ease of use, to ensure the site would be manageable for staff in both countries, despite the tyranny of distance, time zones and connectivity.

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