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New Zealand Intellectual Property Attorneys (NZIPA) represent most trans-Tasman registered Patent Attorneys who are registered and practising in NZ.  Their membership also includes Australian registered Trade Mark Attorneys and IP lawyers who are resident and practising in NZ.

Expert built NZIPA’s first website in 2002 and it was upgraded in 2010 to a new MoST platform.  In 2013 it was redesigned with new branding applied.  In 2023 NZIPA wanted a website that was more accessible to the public, was less text heavy and had a modern look and voice and so Expert worked with NZIPA to achieve this.

Our Solution: Expert created a fresh new-look website on the existing MoST platform.  Starting with a new site map and vastly improved navigation, ease of accessibility for both members and the public was quickly achieved.  The Members area became more focussed, and the text-heaviness was managed by breaking the site up into different blocks using bolder headings, colour highlights and more images. The branding was lifted by adding a touch of blue.

Expert’s Added Value: Having worked with NZIPA for over twenty years, it was easy for Expert to make the changes that NZIPA were seeking, with minimal time spent communicating, so a lot of time was saved for both parties.  Also, as the site was being updated we used the opportunity to tidy up any areas we came across that had become cluttered or messy.

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