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How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website

Previously we told you about our favourite analytics tools with the intent to emphasise how important it is to keep an eye on your online statistics – and of course to illustrate what these statistics can do for your online productivity. Now it’s time for a close up look at one of our top choices.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service developed by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic. The reports which it creates include insights into your landing page and specific page quality, conversions and lead generation – as well as vital demographic information and more. The most essential parts of the service are free; however, to make the most of some of the more sophisticated features there are payment options (e.g., AdWords).

Here's Our Guide to Adding Google Analytics to Your Website:

Firstly, you need to create a google account via the account creation page. Once you have an account you can also access Gmail, YouTube and Google+ with a single username and password.

Secondly, you will need to sign up to Google Analytics with your Google username and password. You will need to add your website information by typing in your website address, website account name and further contact information.

Next, access your tracking code - otherwise known as the HTML - code you will copy and paste on every page of your website you want to track statistics for. This phase is best explained in step 3 to 4 of this  WikiHow article.

Once you’ve verified that your tracking code is working properly, you’ll want to wait 24 hours before using – to ensure your website’s data has synchronized with your new Analytics account.

Beyond the Basics:

As you’ll come to find, you are given a lot of on-site guidance with features such as instructional videos and overviews on how to use your account. Google Analytics dashboard allows you to customise your settings to give you access to the most relevant insights first.

As soon as you get started with examining your data insights you’ll want to set goals and incorporate them into your online marketing strategy. You are able to add new goals within your Analytics account by using the available goal ‘template’s option or creating a ‘custom goal’. Setting an actionable goal will function as an organizational tool that will help with better understanding audience interaction, and in turn meeting business objectives. 

Enjoy exploring your new Analytics account!


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