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How to set up your organisation’s first LinkedIn Company page – Right!

LinkedIn, originally founded in 2002, is the world’s most well-known business-oriented social network with over 400 million users and is available across 200 countries (LinkedIn). 

LinkedIn provides its users with a range of tools to help market themselves or their company. A great tool that gives you the chance to promote your organisation to your audience and to reach new audiences is LinkedIn’s Company Page option. 

Setting up a LinkedIn Company profile page is more complicated than setting up a personal profile, or setting up a company page on other social media networks (e.g. Facebook), so Expert has put this blog together as your step-by-step guide. 

Setting up your own personal profile

Before you get started with creating a Company Page, you’ll need a LinkedIn Account of your own. For those that haven’t got a personal LinkedIn account follow these steps:

1. Visit the https://www.linkedin.com/ site, where you’ll be prompted to sign up by entering in your First name, Last Name, Email and Password.

2. Once you’ve entered in your details and selected ‘Join now’ you’ll need to add some basic information to appear on your profile.

3. Add profile picture – Having a profile picture is mandatory, so make sure that you have a good quality photo of yourself ready to upload.

4. Confirm your account – LinkedIn will send you an email for you to confirm your account and once that’s confirmed you can start to develop your LinkedIn profile by adding details like your education background, career background and a summary of your experiences and interests.

 The profile you are starting to build is the equivalent to a publicly accessible CV – so only enter details you want others to see.

 You’ll notice that you can manage your privacy and account settings by selecting the thumbnail of your profile picture in the right hand corner of your screen.

 Once you’re happy with your personal profile you can start ‘connecting’ with people right away.

 Setting up your first Company Page

Your company page can only be set up if your personal account meets certain requirements, like being ‘live’ for over a week and having several connections – this is to ensure that you’re genuine, and not a robot. 

You’ll also need an email address with a unique domain name (gmail.com, xtra.com and other generic email addresses are not accepted). See full list of requirements here.

1. Go to this page https://www.linkedin.com/company/add/show and enter your official company name and email address. You might need to log in first. 

2. Verify your company email, ensuring that you follow the LinkedIn prompts as they appear until you reach the Overview (edit) page.

3. Enter clear and accurate details into all of the mandatory fields on the overview page (fields with * at the beginning of the heading are mandatory).

4. Select ‘Publish’ when you are happy with what you’ve written. Once it’s published, the Company Page will be active on the LinkedIn website.

Now that your company page is live and active, you can make public updates, promote your page and get insights using Company Page analytics

To delete a company page you need to get in touch with LinkedIn by filling in the “Company Page Removal Request” form. For full instructions on how to remove page visit this page


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