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Wellington Central Power Cut and Outages

At 2:36pm, several areas within central Wellington, including the southern area of the CBD, Mount Victoria, Mount Cook, Newtown, and Oriental Bay suffered power cuts, resulting in homes and businesses being without power for approx. an hour. This also resulted in network outages for communication lines.

This outage comes at a time when stronger disaster recovery measures are being planned and implemented by Expert Developments in conjunction with our hosting and streaming partners.

Since the September 2010 earthquake in Christchurch, in partnership with our local ISP, we have been looking into the best way to ensure that our hosting environment remains protected in the case of network outages as a result of incidents and /or the occurrence of events which are outside of our control.

Measures currently being undertaken to ensure a network outage does not affect Expert hosted sites include:

- Specific redundant link protection is currently in deployment for the Expert developments hosting environments.

- Move of hosting location to a new location with generator backup, and the ability to switch between fibre, copper, and wireless transmission as required – if one goes down, we will still have the other two for communication across the rest of the country and globe. This location also has a strong earthquake safety rating, protecting servers and site hosting, should an earthquake strike.

- Additional UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in place for main router, and servers.

- Disaster Recovery switching system, should the network go down, moving all sites between Wellington and Auckland, in the case of a complete network failure. This is in the planning phase at the moment.

The goal of these measures is to ensure that hosting of sites remains reliable, providing access to MoST, and its tools, while continuing to support your organisation.

If you have any questions on our back up and disaster recovery systems, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Expert on us@expert.co.nz

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