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The benefits of event management software

So you want to host an event? Sounds great, but event management can be an administrative nightmare if not done properly. Registrations, resources, payments and delegates all can have complications and can easily go wrong. Not to mention updating the website to promote your event and the event's sponsors. Whether it’s a conference, a seminar, or a celebration, they all come with time consuming logistics.

Once the emails start rolling in, the pressure is on. You’ve made folders to add all the RSVPs into – one for those coming, one for those not coming, one for dietary requirements, one for speakers, one for each workshop they’re attending… but wait, this person is in two workshops and has dietary requirements…

So you make a spreadsheet, filling in every. single. persons. details.

As your eyes glaze over and you realise that you've missed out all the delegates contact details in your spreadsheet, you decide that this is it, you are now ready to retire! Or find an easier way.

Before you throw your arms in the air and head out for a mimosa or two, just remember that we can help. We have event management software which will take care of all of this. You can continue your fruitful career!

“What would I gain from this that I can't do myself?”

“Sounds expensive and unnecessary!”

“How would I present this to my boss to consider?”

Well, we have the answers to your very relevant questions. It’s all very simple…

What is an event management tool?

It's software that can handle all of your registrations, resources, payments, reporting, and promotion IN ONE!

Say goodbye to filling in spreadsheets and forgetting someone's dietary requirements, the software will hold all of the information for you, and you can just download a spreadsheet. It's all in there!

What about payments?

The software can take credit card payments AND integrate with your invoicing system, such as Xero or MYOB.

The system generates invoices and sends them to the delegates. You can also include the conference code in the system so when the payments are made, the accounts team will be able to see exactly where the money is charged to.

How can I contact my delegates?

Did you want to just send an email to those that are going to day one, workshop four? Easy! Through the email marketing section of the software, you can segregate who you want to send email marketing to, and design it however you like. It’s easy to use (similar layout to Microsoft Word) and you can insert pictures and links to jazz it up. If you want to email all delegates, or particular delegates, it's easily done and means you won’t have to waste time on BCC’ing every single delegate into an email.

What is this reporting section?

You can instantly download all of the reports from your conference - how many people have registered, what their contact details are, if they have or haven’t paid. Through Google Analytics you can even look to see how many people have clicked your conference page, and then compare it to how many people have registered for your conference.

What other benefits do you gain from this?

It looks more professional. Having event marketing software means that you can generate reports which you know are correct (and look good). You also won’t be following up with your delegates to double check things as how they put it in the registration form is exactly how it is in the software.

You can have as many delegates as you like, send as many group emails as you need, and do as much action behind the scenes without adding to your monthly cost.

Your communications will also all be on-brand and looking sharp, which makes you and your event look a lot more legitimate and worth attending.

All of your information is in one place. You know where to go to get everything and you know where to post everything. Programme changed? Update it on the event page and then send out the updated programme to all of your delegates through the software. Easy as.

Collect your payments through a secure device. You won’t have to worry about taking payments at all as it is all done through a secure environment. It's also a bonus having the payments accessible, as it makes delegates more likely to register due to the ease of it.

Registrations are 24/7. No matter what time of the day or night someone decides to register, they can easily do it and will receive an automated confirmation email.

To conclude…

An event management system is a great tool to take out the stress and effort of organising an event. It saves time, money, and stress while providing you with a professional and productive event management experience. Expert has developed event management software, MoST, that can do all of the above (and more) for you. Find out more.


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