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Want Your Browser to Function More Efficiently?

Are you having difficulty viewing up-to-date content on your site? Or experiencing any general functionality complications? These issues will likely be due to expired data in your browser’s memory. In order to solve this problem you must clear your browser’s cache (also known as ‘Temporary Internet Files’).

This helpful link will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to clear the cache:

So, what is the Cache?

The cache works to improve how fast data loads on your browser. This happens through its role of downloading and storing webpage files and images that you have accessed so that familiar content can load quickly and efficiently in the future. The cache ensures that you do not download the same files multiple times. More simply it can be understood as a significant component, or folder, of your browser’s memory.

Why is it important to clear the Cache?

The cache is similar to browser cookies in the way that they both store data to your browser memory, however, while cookies can expire over a period of time it is up to you to clear the browser cache.
When files and images of a page have been updated or modified the data that is stored in the cache is no longer of any use. Furthermore, the out-dated data that has been stored can interfere with a browser’s ability to download and save up-to-date data.

It is important to note that different browsers have different methods to clear the cache - 15 of these methods can be found in the link provided above.  

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