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Searching to be sold to – I’m voting with my feet

For many organisations, knowing whether (and when) to move on, close down, or maybe just upgrade, doesn’t come easy.

Talking Point – Sourcing Information

Hello Artificial Intelligence – Goodbye Call Centres?

Talking Point - Getting what you pay for

Is relying on third party providers the best option for your business?

Problems with technology – who you gonna call?

Who provides what when things break down?

Scamming – a new pandemic to deal with?

Technological advances have made life much easier, but there is a price...

Talking Point - WEBSITE AUDITS

It’s useful to undertake a website audit from time to time...

How to clean up data

a step-by -step approach to tidy up your files

Talking Point – Some things never really change. Well not that much.

A recent trip to our archives showed how relevant some key website basics still are today...

Talking Point - Smiling in the Dark

if you smile in the dark no-one will see you, is your organisation guilty of this?

Crisis, what crisis? Recessions and websites

Sharing some insights from past recessions...
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